Do I need to be an advanced yoga practitioner for SUP yoga?
No, there are modifications we do for all levels of yoga - even those yogis who haven't been on their mat in a while (or ever!).  

Will I get wet?
We wish we could guarantee you'd stay dry, but the reality is that you're on a board on the ocean.  SUP yoga uses modified asanas (yoga poses) for better balance, but that doesn't guarantee that you won't get wet.

Do I need to know how to paddle or use a stand up paddle board?
Not at all.  We'll review some basic paddling techniques prior to the class.

What do I wear?
Whatever you would wear to a normal yoga class or to the gym.  On hot days, some people prefer bathing suits- it's entirely up to you.

FAQs - General

FAQs - SUP Yoga

How many people are there in each class?
We can take up to 6 people per class.  Message us if you'd prefer a private lesson instead.

Where will classes be held?
In the Hingham/Hull/Cohasset/Scituate area.  Since we watch the weather and tides for the best places to have class, please refer to the online schedule for locations.

What do I need to bring?
We would recommend bringing water, sunscreen and a towel.  Depending on the weather, we'd suggest other outdoor gear such as a hat or windbreaker.  Whatever makes you comfortable.